Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August Resolutions Update


Oh, so I really wish I could say I haven’t updated in a while because I’m super busy being awesome and doing my August resolutions but it’s been quite the opposite. While I started off well, there was unfortunately a bereavement and then once everything had settled down after that I got with a stomach bug. I’m feeling better today though so hopefully I can really plough on and get stuck into this.

On the food front, it’s been up and down. Some days I’ve done really well, others I’ve caved and ate rubbish foods. Like today. And I feel yucky after it to be honest. I just need to keep this feeling with me, so that I remember how sluggish I feel when I don’t eat right or when I overeat.

On the exercise part, I’m doing even worse. I only managed to do one day’s proper exercise so far. I know, I know. But there’s no use beating myself up about it. The day after I exercised I really wanted to go again and I was so pleased with that. It was just unfortunate that I couldn’t get going that day. But it excites me that I wanted to do some exercise. I’m just unfortunately back at stage one again, trying to motivate myself to do the first step. It’s true what they say, the first step is always the hardest.

Other than that, I’ve built up a fantastic network of people on Twitter and on forums who are all helping to motivate each other. I’ve been reading their posts and they’re doing so well, it’s inspiring me to get going. And it’s great to know there’s someone there for me once I do. I just need to push myself out the door!


  1. Hey Breige, you're right about not beating yourself up...there's no point punishing yourself for not exercising, it'll only make you feel worse. And on the upside you actually feel like you want to get on with it, which is good.

    I hope you and the boyf are doing alright after his bereavement (although I'm aware that alright might not be the best choice of words. Look after yourselves, *hugs*.

  2. Thanks P! It's just that first step syndrome, I'm having such a hard time with it. I need to set a routine, that's my problem. It'st been a crazy month.

    And thanks, we're doing ok. Still a bit strange adjusting, it's tough for himself. xxx


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