Sunday, November 8, 2015

Self Care Sunday #BEDN

Self care is a topic that I've seen rise in popularity recently, especially with the phenomenon of adult colouring books. Self care comes in many different forms for people and for me, I want to look after myself more, be kinder to myself and stimulate both my physical and mental being. I want to feel comfortable in myself, not to beat myself up over small things and treat myself as a friend, not a foe. Here are some self care pledges I want to make and keep.

1. Spend more time with friends

When I start to feel down and bad, I want to push people away. It can be an effort to meet people and get out of my head enough to enjoy myself. But when I do make the effort I usual do enjoy myself. This year has been up and down and I want to build on the friendships I have.

2. Stimulate my mind more

Now I read plenty, which is great for my mind but I want to do other things too! Crossword puzzles, go to quizzes, start doing my Duolingo again, play QuizUp! And what's great about this is that sometimes this can be done with friends so it's a bonus!

3. Start a journal

Not a 'Dear Diary' journal, but more of a 'daily good things' journal. Where I just list some good things that have happened to me today, any goals I might have achieved (big or small) and some nice thoughts I've had about myself. That way when I feel bad, I can look back over my journal and have proof that I have liked who I am in the past.

4. Be more active

I'm a fiend when it comes to avoiding exercise. I hate it. Except I don't at the same time. I went though a stage of going to the gym most days when I worked in a leisure centre and I really enjoyed it. I want to take advantage of nice days by going for a stroll or just dancing around the room to music I love.

5. Be more creative and enjoy my hobbies

I mentioned yesterday that I enjoy knitting but I haven't knitted in months. I can't even tell you the last 3 times I baked anything. I've fell in and out of love with blogging, doing my nails, anything else crafty, even reading over the past few months. I want to set little crafty goals, I have a stack of crafting matieral but I'm often too scared to use it, in case I'm rubbish at it and ruin my supplies. Which is ridiculous! I want to enjoy crafting for the process, not just the end result.

6. Eat better

More fruit and vegetables, to plan meals more instead of being lazy. I have the skills, I just need to apply them!

7. Tackle procrastination

I'm SO bad at procrastinating at times. I want to tackle things head on more and luckily I have an audiobook copy of 'Eat That Frog', which is all about the idea of if eating a frog is the worst thing you have to do in a day, then start the day by eating the frog.

8. Enjoy the small things

Hugs, sitting my fireside, purring cats, hot chocolate, laughing with friends over a silly joke, singing away loudly in the car to a golden oldie, curling up under a blanket listening to the rain. Enjoy the small things! And most importantly not to beat myself up if I don't end up following one or all of these pledges, to remember to err is human,


  1. I'm a terrible 'do it later / tomorrow' person. I never used to be but I've got lazy. So maybe I need a kick up the bum!

    1. Ha! Maybe we BOTH need kicks up the bum! I love making lists but I can be so bad at crossing off those lists!


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