Thursday, October 28, 2010

KCW (Tuesday): Mushroom Soup And Butternut Squash and Chicken Risotto

This draft has been sitting on my computer for over a month now, it’s high time I finish it! This was for the Tuesday of my Kitchen Challenge Week. I had planned to make the Butternut Squash and Chicken Risotto for that Tuesday all along, I only decided to make the mushroom soup when I looked in the fridge and saw there was loads there that needed to be used up. Though I didn’t try the soup, not a mushroom fan at all!

Sorry the measurements for the risotto aren’t very accurate, I used rough guides but tried my best to put some measurements to the recipe.

DSCN0147     Butternut Squash and Chicken Risotto

Butternut Squash and Chicken Risotto

Serves: Four


1 small onion

Leftover chicken

Half a medium butternut squash, chopped into small chunks

~300g of risotto rice

600ml chicken stock (vegetable can be used into if preferred)


1. Drizzle butternut squash pieces with a little olive oil and place into pre-heat 180°C oven until soft and tender

2. Dice onion finely and fry in some olive oil. Add leftover chicken. Add risotto grains and stir to coat in oil. Add butternut squash

3. Add a few tablespoons of stock and simmer. Stir until all stock is absorbed. Add more stock and repeat, until the stock is gone. Cook for 25-30 mins, until the risotto is creamy but still has a bite to it

4. Serve and enjoy! Garnish to your own taste, maybe add some sage or some Parmesan.


Cream of Mushroom Soup Recipe

(No picture of the soup, it came out blurry. But sure it’s mushroom soup, it’s boring looking anyway!)

Servings: About 6, maybe more


400g Mushrooms

1 onion

1 clove garlic

750ml vegetable stock

1 small carton of cream

Salt and pepper


1. Dice onion and garlic and fry in a little oil. Wipe mushrooms with a damp cloth and then cut into smallish chunks

2. Add mushroom to onions and garlic and on a low-medium heat, let them soften gently. Add stock and bring to the boil.

3. Using a hand held blender, whizz the soup to your desired texture, I made it smooth but you can keep it a bit chunky if you like.

4. Add cream, salt and pepper to your own taste. And enjoy!

You can play with this a bit, using different mushrooms, adding spices and herbs, omitting the cream for something a little lighter, it’s up to you really!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


It’s been a month since my last post, so sorry about that! During the middle of my Kitchen Challenge Week, I got sick and couldn’t complete all the dishes I wanted to make. Then various other things happened, such as going to London and Oxford for a weekend, friends coming home after being away all summer and preparing for my driving test, that I just neglected writing and pushed it to the back of my mind. Until I was asked yesterday about new posts and thought that was the push to start writing again!

I have loads of ideas to write about, especially cooking and baking posts, which I’m excited about. I’m happy to say that I have completed the ‘Cook 12 new dishes’ part of my New Year’s Resolution, but will continue to try making new dishes.

More proper new posts to follow this, promise!

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