Monday, May 9, 2011

Pig Cake!

Sorry about the huge break, I personally blame the two Bank Holidays coming after each other, work and my boyfriend coming back from Oz. I got side tracked big time!

So I spoke about this on Twitter before, about how I wanted to make a pig cake for my sister’s birthday. That is, a cake in the shape of a pig, not made out of pork! For Christmas I got a giant cupcake mould and on the box there was a picture of a cake decorated like a pig.


So I decided to give it a bash. Except I never really stopped to think about what I was going to make the face of the pig look like. This then caused a mad dash around the pick ‘n’ mix section of the local garage! And resulted in a pig head cake instead of the entire pig!


The finished result! Now, I think he resembles a pig (vaguely), but my brothers and father thought he looked like a fat mouse! And proceeded to mock me over it. My sister was happy with it and that’s the main thing. And he tasted nice too!

On a side note, I think he looks a tiny bit like Mr Blobby sans ears!



  1. Lovely pig cake. You'll have to post the recipe too. @Katzwizkaz

  2. I've just read your blog for the first time...shameful I know... and I love it!
    Well done! I love your pig cake!

  3. That's amazing! also did not know the bf is back you must be delighted!

  4. Collete, thank you! Recipe is just a simple Maderia cake with vanilla buttercream icing (my fall back recipe thanks to Home Ec!). I posted it here

    I'd probably double (if not triple) the amount when using that mould though!

    Louise, thanks! It's a fun mould isn't it? I'm looking forward to using it more.

    Thanks Nailish Ramblings :) Yes, I am delighted, so much so that I made the lucky thing his own banoffee pie!

    Thanks for all the kind comments!

  5. FAT MOUSE?! ahahahaha!!!! That made me laugh so hard omg. Breige, it definitely looks like a pig and you did a fabulous job! So awesome that you made it for your sister :)

  6. Thank you Deb! :D Ya, I had a tale on him but it just made him look even more like a fat mouse so I took it off!

  7. This reminds me of angry birds! You should make it green next time :)

  8. Hi Jaimie! Ooh, that a great idea! I might just try that thanks :)


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