Monday, June 11, 2012

25 Before 25: 1 month as a Vegetarian

I think I can pin point my reasoning for wanting to try this. When I was 12/13, I read The Teenage Vegetarian Survival Guide and it was just something I wanted to do. Vegetarianism wasn’t new to me. While no one in my immediate family was vegetarian, an older cousin of mine was. Though now that I think about it, I can’t remember if I ever asked her why she became vegetarian. My aunt was also vegetarian at one stage as well as an uncle in America also at one time being vegetarian. So nothing entirely new for me.

It’s taken me over 10 years to actually try this challenge. And I don’t know why. But I’m glad I did. Eating fruit and veg isn’t my strong point but it was interesting to try new dishes as well as to jazz up some old favourites. I enjoyed the challenge of going out and having to eat the vegetarian option. I am grateful that whenever I went to one friend’s house, her aunt (who’s a vegetarian) always made some extra veggie dinner if I was eating there. And I’m proud my boyfriend stuck to the challenge too (except for once when he ate a hot dog after a 4am charity walk. Apparently it doesn’t count if it’s for charity!).

Plus, it was all worth it in the end, to achieve something. To stick something out and not lapse. It proves that I do have will power and it’s something I aim to remember every time I think I don’t. And while I can’t see myself turning veg any time soon, I do try to have one or two meat-free dinners a week (and it sometimes turns out to be even more than that). I just need to now focus on eating more fruit and veg in general!


  1. i need some veggie inspired dins off you x i usually dont eat too much meat but find myself not knowing what to eat sometimes, there is only so much stir fry i can eat x

  2. Well, I like the Yaki Soba I did. I know it's a stir fry but it's yummy, much better than the normal stir fries my boyfriend makes! Just omit the chicken like I did in May.

    The korma I just posted would be lovely as a veggie one! The Spinach and Cheese Gnocchi bake I did on Day 3 of 30 Days of Pinterest is delicious and you could just use pasta instead of gnocchi.

    Omelettes are always a nice quick easy option, as is a baked potato with beans and cheese (and you can add bacon if you want to add meat).

    Another quick thing is a to stir fry the veg but add to a wrap with cheese and rice to change it around a bit.

    I tried out a chickpea burger recipe but wasn't too gone on how it turned out so I'm going to try Donal Skehan's soon, just got the new book from the library!


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