Friday, September 21, 2012

25 Before 25: Take a Random Roadtrip

So ideally, this would have gone down something like this: boyfriend and I would decide to go somewhere to stay overnight without booking before hand, fill up on petrol and hit the road with no destination in sight. Though as I approach the deadline for this I realise it’s not going to happen (neither is visit a country I’ve never been to before unless I win the lotto or someone wants to pay for me to go abroad! *cough*).

So Saturday morning I had to drop my aunt off to the bus station early and I bought along my friend K who was staying with me for the weekend. We decided instead of heading straight back home we’d go on a drive, deciding where to stop along the way. Which lead to a mini tour of South and West Clare.

The first place we hit was Lissycasey, where we drove past this pub and then promptly turned around for some photo opportunities.


Next main place we hit was Kilrush, where we decided to visit the Vandeleur Gardens. Unfortunately, seeing as we were up so early, we were 2 hours too early to enter. Instead we went for a quick stroll in the woods.



And then off went again! Next we hit Kilkee so we decided to stop at the West Clare Railway at Moyasta. And would you believe it, it was also closed! (are you beginning to see a theme here?!). So I took this quick snapshot of the office and cafe.


From there we decided to head onto Loop Head Lighthouse. We looked up on K’s iPhone that it was open until early September. We weren’t sure if they would be open or not seeing as it is now mid-September! But we decided to take the gamble. And luckily it was open!


After we went for a quick walk around the cliff edges.


After our lovely walk, we continued on, deciding on a whim to stop in Doolin in the Tea Rooms. Unfortunately it was closed! Moving onto Quily we stopped at Seafield beach to look at Mutton Island.


We were then going to play some arcade games at Sugar Island Cafe but it wasn’t open yet! We figured that was the final sign to head on home and put our feet up!


  1. Oh no! I hate when you try to do something and everything's closed! Sounds like a fun trip though! I love loop head, it's lovely out there, did you see the bridges of ross when you were on your way out there? They're basically just bridges formed by erosion - pretty cool to look at though! :)

  2. Yes,it was fun despite all the closures! Oh no, we didn't go by the bridges of Ross, if I had known we would have gone that way. Oh well, perfect excuse to head down that way again!

  3. Agh, nothing as sickening as everywhere being closed! Beautiful pictures though, nice to see somewhere you've not seen before :)

  4. Yes, we couldn't believe our 'luck'! Though it was nice to explore somewhere new!


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