Friday, September 20, 2013

Animal YouTube Pick of the Week

So after last week’s geeky theme, I decided to put all the animal videos I had together in one cute and cuddly post!

I love this channel, Jupiter the Cat never fails to crack me up. And the voices and timing are always brilliant in their videos and this one doesn’t fail to deliver either!

Here’s my otter (I will always call him *my* otter!) Oscar/Ollie being fed!

Yet another Oscar/Ollie one, this time having a bath. Isn’t he adorable?!

This was my favourite video to come out around Shark Week!

The look on this cat’s face is priceless. PRICELESS!

Finally, typical cat!


  1. Ahhh that cat in the shark costume, I only discovered that a few weeks ago, my son & I nearly peed laughing at it, so funny! Have you seen the 'No No No' cat? Fierce funny x

    1. Yes, I have heard the 'no no no' cat! I could spend HOURS watching cat videos on YouTube!


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