Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Things I Miss About Ireland

So almost exactly 2 weeks ago, I boarded a plane and moved to the North West of England. My boyfriend had started work in August and it was time for me to join him. It wasn’t an easy decision to make. Well, I suppose it was, because living with him is a no brainer and a fresh start will do me good in terms of getting a job. It was hard to leave my family and friends behind though. This year has been tough. This time last year I wrote a post about my Dad’s cancer returning (you can read it here) and then at the beginning of February, my Mom became sick too after she had a heart attack. So I’ve become very attached to helping my family but it really was time to leave.

I’ve put off writing a blog post for so long, mainly because I was busy packing after my last post and since moving I’ve either had no internet or just too heavy hearted to write something. But it’ll do me good and then I can concentrate on some good points too!

Here’s what I miss so far:

- Having this as the view from my front door

front door

-My family. Sure, they drive me NUTS at times. But I miss joking with my youngest brother and how he’s a prawn (rhymes with his name), talking about nail varnish and baking with my youngest sister, my aunt and her dog Lucy, my Dad’s laugh, my Mum’s wisdom, laughing and joking with my other siblings. Not to even mention my extended family and boyfriend’s family too!

-Actually having friends close by. I know I’ll make friends here but I’ll miss being able to meet up for a coffee, going out at night, or maybe just staying in instead, playing board games and having a few drinks. I miss all the history, stories and in jokes I have with my friends and how mentioning just something that seems small or silly can have us cracking up. Like Business 101, Peter’s Journey or the adventures of Chrissy, things like this that only mean something to friends. I stayed at a friend’s house a few weeks before I moved and we spent most the night listening to old Britney tracks and laughing.

-Having people know my name when I walk into a shop and know who I am. It can be a pain living in a small town where everyone knows your name but at the same time I love it.

-Animals and green fields


-The library and chatting to my librarian. She even said before I left that she’ll miss seeing the random things I order.

-Driving. I’m not sure when I’ll get a car over here or if I will get one, but I do miss zipping around with Betty, my Polo.

-Shit like this happening


-Sitting next to an open fire. No fireplace in the house I’m in now and they are so cozy for winter.

-Hearing Irish accents and Irish slang



Ya look, I know it’s a bit of a cliché for us Irish expats but for real. I have had a big craving for some Tayto and while it’s great that I’ve found a Tesco close by that sells some Irish essentials, the Tayto that they stock is the Northern Irish Tayto! Sad smile

Look, I could go on but I won’t. There will be a post in a few days about the things I’ve enjoying about being in UK in the interest of fairness!


  1. A bale of straw? hahahah Ireland is totally random sometimes

    1. Ya, I took that picture in my local Supervalu back home, too funny!

  2. Oh I wrote the same post today - I've been away for 2 months & it's weird what you miss!

  3. You'll just have to come up to Edinburgh for a bit of an Irish accent! Irish bars tend to serve proper Taytos :) but after a while you won't even notice the difference!! I still miss purple snacks. They are so good. I also miss being able to use the word banjaxed! Best of luck with your move!

    1. Thanks Louise! I've never been to Scotland, I must make a trip up at some time! I haven't had a purple snack in ages, now I want one! Even though yellow is my favourite.


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