Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cooking and Food Resolutions

Ok, I know I said I wasn’t going to do this, but when I saw this Huffington Post article I was inspired and decided to make a list, at least so I could remember reading this article!

1. Eating more vegetarian meals

I like the idea of incorporating more vegetarian meals into what I regularly cook. I think the whole Meatless Monday idea is a great idea and I want to be inspired to cook more meatless meals.

2. Use my cast iron skillet

Ok, I’m totally robbing this from Huff Po but I have yet to use my cast iron skillet. This is due to the fact that my boyfriend used it once and stuck it in a dishwasher, despite me telling him not to, and it getting rusty. So I need to recondition it first before I use it!

3. Experiment more with slow cooker

Yes, another robbed one but I totally want to use my slow cooker more. They are so handy and I have pinned loads of recipes, so I really have no excuse.

4. Bake more bread

I wanted to do this in 2013 but only managed to try a few new recipes. While I’m pretty confident when it comes to baking cakes, breads scare me a bit and since I’m in the spirit of trying not to be too scared in case I mess things up, I think trying more bread recipes is perfect for that.

5. Make slow cooked pull pork

I’ve been dreaming of making this for so, so long and have never gotten around to it. I really need to stop dreaming and get making!

6. Stop wasting food

I’m just as bad as most people when it comes to food wastage, forgetting what’s in the fridge and having to throw it out. I want to tackle this and cut down on wasting food.

7. Be a bit more adventurous

I grew up a very fussy eater. Luckily I learned to branch out a bit more in college and shock horror, I actually eat vegetables now! Still, I’m hesitant to try some foods, usually foods I’m convinced I don’t like, despite probably never trying them. I also want to retry some foods I know I don’t like, give them another chance. Top of this list is the banana (something about the texture!)

8. Make more sweets and candy

Another thing I’m slightly afraid of, despite owning quite a few books on how to make sweets and candy. I have a sugar thermometer and need to try use it more, master a few classic sweets.

9. Aim for more fruit and veg

Because really, we all need to do this.

10. Pick out a pasta shape I’ve never tried before and cook with it

I often look at different shapes at supermarket but never pick them up. This is me giving myself permission to pick one up!

While I really like the cook book idea (try at least one recipe from each cookbook you own), I won’t have all mine with me in UK. Until I’m reunited with them, I might try cooking recipes from any cookbooks I get out from the library.

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