Thursday, February 10, 2011

30 Day Music Meme: Day Thirty

Day 30- Your favourite song from this time last year

Hurrah, it’s the last day! I wish I could have finished this at the end of November, I was going to tie in this post with Christmas and post my favourite Christmas song. Instead I have to wrack my brains and remember what song I liked this time last year!

I know I liked Bad Romance by Lady Gaga but there’s one other song that stands out more. And funnily enough, it’s an 80s one! Freedom 90 by George Michael was one I was partial to listening to around this year last year. I used to sit in college, listen to the song on YouTube and do research for my final year project. And pressed repeat loads. I swear I’m responsible for about 1000 plays on that YouTube video alone! Probably drove the people sitting next to me nuts by pressing repeat, sorry if that was you!


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