Monday, August 22, 2011

Golf Cake!


For my sister’s birthday back in March, I made her a pig cake. So when my sports mad brother turned 13 on Friday and seeing as he’s on a golf kick at the moment, I decided to make him a golf cake! A It was my first time experimenting with sugar craft so go easy on me. It’s a golf ball, tee and flag in the rough.

For the actual cake mix, I made a simple Madeira batter that I used to make these cupcakes for my sister last year, divided the batter into two cake pans.

For the buttercream icing, I used the same recipe in the link above. To make it chocolate flavoured, I mixed one dessertspoon of cocoa powder with a teaspoon or so of hot water to make a very thick paste , added it to the icing and mixed until incorporated. I used a small about to sandwich the two cake layers together and used the rest to cover the entire cake. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

For the ‘dirt’ effect, I crumbled two Flakes in a bowl and the fixed it onto the cake.

For the golf ball, tee and flag, I bought some fondant icing sugar and made the paste and dyed some of it with food colouring. I used liquid colouring, though I think gel would work better. I don’t think I fully succeeded to get the right consistency so I would like to try it again. But it did the job! I carved in 13 into the flag (which is on a cocktail stick) and


Last thing was the grass. I melted some white chocolate, dyed it green and then dripped it onto grease-proof paper to make ‘blades’. With that, some I stuck into the cake and the rest I chopped into small pieces and sprinkled over the cake for shorter blades.

My brother seemed to like the cake. I’ve now got to put my thinking cap on for ideas for cakes, 18 year old, 21 year old and 9 year old! So plenty more cakes for September.



  1. That is so cool, I love it!

  2. Breige, the cake is adorable!! :D I especially thinking the golf ball is realistic. I love themed cakes and I think it's super sweet of you to be making cakes for your brothers' and sisters' birthdays based on what they love.

  3. Thank you Mammys Kitchen and Ate By Ate! It was fun to make, a challenge so I'm looking forward to what else I can do. It's not perfect, I thought the tee was beginning to look a bit like a carrot when I was making it!


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