Monday, May 7, 2012

Things I Like: #3 Bunting

It’s been over a year since I did one of these posts! I don’t know what it is, but I just adore bunting! I love when it’s put up around the town (usually for St. Patrick’s Day), I feel it just perks the place up. Lately I’ve been a bit bunting obsessed! Perhaps it’s because Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee is around the corner and I keep seeing it featured in magazines! Whatever it is, I found some of my favourite bunting items from the interwebs!

This ADORABLE cake bunting is from Like Mam Used To Bake. I think I actually squealed with delight when I first saw it! If you go to to the post (click here), you’ll find a step by step guide to making your own. 

I think these nails are possibly the cutest I’ve ever seen. They come from Japanese blog hokuri, where there’s loads more nail photos (from what I can gather it’s actually a salon). It could be possibly to recreate them with some DIY Nail Art Stickers by The Beauty Department and a glitter nail art pen.

Next is this super fun bunting cushion from Debenhams. I think I might try recreate my own with some fabric scraps.

Of course, I couldn’t do a post about bunting without actually showing some proper bunting! Here’s a DIY post from Chez Larrson for making your own paper bunting.

If paper bunting is not for you and you’d like some reusable fabric bunting, Decor It Yourself on Threadbanger has this perfect tutorial for you!

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  1. Bunting is so adorable.

    Ooh I predictably like the nails, wonder if I could do those myself.

    The cushion is fab and looks totally DIY-able.

    Lastly LMUTB's bunting is totes adorable and the brownies look nommy!

  2. I think the world needs more bunting, it would be a happier place!

    Did you check out the link to The Beauty Department for the DIY Nail Stickers? They paint some scotch tape,then cut out shapes. I think it would work well for this. Though scrap paper would too come to think about it! I might give it a whirl myself!

    And I'm been having serious brownie cravings since writing this post, because of the LMUTB picture! Might just have to make some!

  3. Ya, I'm seriously obsessed with them! They looks so amazing


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