Monday, May 14, 2012

Facebook Flashback Part 2!

Back in March I did my first Facebook Flashback and I held back until after 30 Days of Pinterest to post another. While the first one concentrated more on me, I decided this one would be centred around my family. And mainly some of the silly things that have been said by them!


He hasn’t told me though.


So close! But for my technophobic Dad (who can just about send a text message), the fact he knows what a Blackberry is is a miracle!


You know those microwaveable heating bags you can get shaped like animals and the likes? Well, we had a Happy Feet one. Until he almost caught fire one day for being in the microwave too long. I can not even begin to describe the stink in the house after this!

measuring tape

Some times it takes the easiest of things to baffle someone!


The sign of a true college student? When they forget they might need things like paper and pens to record notes in lectures. Mind was obviously elsewhere (more than likely on parties and freedom!).



As the saying goes ‘Out of the mouth of babes come all wise sayings’. It funny the things kids pick up on. In this case, my brother seems to have it bang on!


Traumatic to say the least! The terror of birds flapping around your head. And then after this we discovered one of my brothers upstairs. Had I known that before hand, I would have made him go in!


I’m beginning to doubt that he actually knows where Atlantis is…

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