Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Facebook Flashback

I recently changed my Facebook to timeline. I was waiting (and dreading) Facebook changing it themself but when I realised it would be a great chance to look over some of the things I’ve said and remember fun times, I changed it myself. And my how much did I laugh?! I spent a good chunk one Sunday reading through it and taking some screen shots of funnier things. I have too much to post in one go so I’ll probably do a series of posts.


My first ever status update. Note the date, St. Patrick’s Day. No alcohol was consumed that day as it was smack bang in the middle of my 3rd year exams, I had sat an exam the day before and had one the day after. I took a break to take my Manx housemate out to celebrate and watch the parade and had to beg the barman to put some green dye into my 7-Up after he had put it in her beer. Later we baked cupcakes, coloured green for the day that was in it and after consuming so much food dye, I was in quite a hyper mood!


Catholic Guilt

The reaction by the person I was travelling with is the funniest thing about this. I had just started my work experience that week and seeing as it was a Bank Holiday weekend, we got to leave early. My housemate was driving us back across the country to our ‘home’ homes when we stopped half way and ordered food in McDonalds. Just as my housemate bit into her burger I remembered it was Good Friday and shouted it out loud. The look on my housemates face was PRICELESS! You’d swear I had just told her that if she eats that burger puppies and kittens would die. While I’m not too religious and probably would have ordered the same thing had I remembered it was Good Friday, she was slightly more religious and wouldn’t have ordered it at all. In the end we ate the burgers as we figured God wouldn’t want us to waste food!



And that’s exactly what I did. With the curtains closed so no one would judge me. I know you’re jealous you didn’t think of this yourself!! (I bought a red one for anyone who is interested).



I should have added *FACEPALM* to the end of that status. I have my ditzy moments at times!



I don’t know how they do it but every time I see a JML ad, I want the product. Thankfully I don’t have a credit card, otherwise I’d have rooms full of pens that could write upside down, pet grooming tools, Shamwows and and Toastabags (and yes, I know this comes after something I just wrote about a Snuggie! Though I bought the Penneys version!).



That man started walking down the same aisle as my boyfriend and I and then swiftly turned around as I pretty much shouted ‘OMG, they have strawberry Ribena. STRAWBERRY!! WOOOOO!’ and did a dance in the middle of Tesco to celebrate.



Three years on, nothing much has changed. I should probably start wearing strapless bras when I go out!



I totally regret not buying this when I saw it! Oh the fun that would have been had! If I ever see it again, I will know it’s destiny and buy it straight away.


  1. Thanks Scarie! There will be another 3 or 4 Facebook ones so keep your eyes peeled! (horrible saying actually now that I think of it!)


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