Tuesday, March 13, 2012

25 Before 25: Go to a Rugby Match

When I posted my 25 by 25 list on Sunday, I mentioned I had started writing the list a few weeks ago and had already accomplished one. I went to my first rugby match!

I’m not a huge rugby fan. It was never one of the watched sports in my house. The only reason I’ve decided to start watching it is because my boyfriend is a big fan. It’s only fair seeing as I’ve made him watch things like The OC and Dancing on Ice.

So when my boyfriend got tickets to the Munster VS Cardiff Blues match on 24th February, I said I’d go with him. Seeing as most of the team are playing in the 6 Nations, I didn’t really recognise any of them. Unless you count the fact I knew who Gavin Henson was for Cardiff! Nonetheless, I enjoyed the evening, especially as it’s funny when my boyfriend gets for into the game and starts shouting. I’m slowly learning the rules for rugby so I’m hoping next time I go I’ll be able to shout along with my boyfriend!


Thomond Park in (almost) all it’s glory!

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