Friday, March 30, 2012


So I got tagged the other day by Random Ramblings and Musings. The idea is easy, just answer the questions that you’ve been asked and then tag some more bloggers and write some questions for them to answer. Simples!

1. If you could introduce one new law what would it be?

Free cupcake day! Ok, so seriously there would probably be a few current laws I’d like to change but I can’t think of any new law (I’m so boring!).

2. What book do think everyone should read at least once, you know the one you read, fell in love with and have since taken to recommending it to people at every opportunity?

I honestly don’t think I have one. I’d recommend the Harry Potter, but then again most people have read it! The only thing that comes to mind is a book I got years ago with J-17 magazine. It was called Last Chance by Sarah Dessen (but now seems to go by the title Keeping the Moon). It’s the story about a 15 teen year old who goes to live with her aunt one summer and it’s all about images and fitting in. Or rather about being yourself, regardless of what others think. I read it about once a year or so.

3. If you could wake up tomorrow anywhere in the world, where would you be?

London, with the sun shining, my boyfriend next to me and a job I love to go to.

4. When was the last time you did something that scared you?

Well, I get such a fear of ringing people to make appointments etc. and I did that last week! I try force myself to do the same things that scary me like that. But in terms of facing a fear, probably getting back into a car and driving after my crash last year.

5. Are you a believer in always telling the truth, no matter what the consequences, or are there times when it’s best to keep your mouth shut?

I do think there are times when a white lie is called for. As I think the truth usually comes out after the reason for the white lie has been fulfilled and the good intentions can be seen.

Phew! That was kinda tough I must admit. And now for the really hard part, thinking of questions to ask back!

1. What’s your signature dish to cook/bake?

2. If you could see one band live, who would it be? (Regardless of if the band is still together, or if they split up, or if a member is dead)

3. What songs are you guilty pleasures?

4. Being too hot or being too cold?

5. Where did you first go abroad? (presuming you’ve been abroad!)

6. Was there any particular reason why you were given your first name?

Ok, and now to tag people!

Ate By Ate


Labhaoise Ni Dhuibhir

Views from a tin bin

Feel free to answer but if it’s not your thing, no worries! Just a bit of fun!


  1. I shall get cracking on my answers when i wake up properly xx

  2. Yay! And take your time, no hurries :) Hope all is well with you

  3. Eeek, I need to get cracking on these!

    And LMAO! Before I read your answer to the 1st question, I thought the EAXCT same thing and laughed when I scrolled down and read what you wrote! Cupcake lovers unite!! :D


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