Sunday, April 1, 2012

30 Days of Pinterest Project

I mentioned the other day that I love Pinterest. It’s a lot of fun, a visual form of bookmarking. But there’s a problem with it, at least for me. While it’s fantastic for ideas, the whole process of ‘pinning’ is pretty addictive, just looking for inspirational ideas and links. But quite often that’s it, I look at the pin, think it’s amazing, file it away and that’s it.

With the 30 Days of Pinterest Project, I hope to every day look through my pins, pick something that catches my eye and try and recreate it. Failing that, to share some of the slogans, pictures, tips etc. that I find funny or interesting.

I’m hoping I can see this one through, I don’t have the best track when it comes to 30 Days Projects! Even if I don’t, at least it give me a chance to try out a few of these pins I’ve been wanting to try.

Here’s a link to my own Pinterest account, feel free to follow me!

Do you use Pinterest? What do you mostly like to pin? Recipes, beauty looks, funny pictures, fitness inspiration? Let me know if the link below!


  1. I'm not sure about Pinterest, I can't seem to get into it properly...

  2. oh, what is it that you're not sure about? I like the fact I can see what I've bookmarked, so many times I've bookmarked something and forgotten about it or else lost it.


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