Thursday, April 26, 2012

30 Days of Pinterest: Day 26

I own stacks of make up. LOADS. I love it, but I don’t wear a huge amount of it. In fact, I rarely use it. I don’t really during the day (unless I’m feeling particularly crap about myself then I might lash some on). Even when going out I tend to favour a toned down look.

I also love looking at make up tutorials on YouTube. At times I’ve tried them out but I’m a bit rubbish at it. None the less, I scoured through some of my favourite beauty gurus on YouTube the other day and went on a pinning spree. Today I decided to try out a smokey day time look by Ask Me Makeup. I love all the looks Amy does and I wish she would post more often as the way she films is stunning.

Anyway, here’s my take on that look!


Full face shot with flash


Close up of eye with flash


Close up with no flash


Close up with no flash


No flash

I was impressed with the results. When I first put it on, I thought the black liner was a bit harsh but once blended it’s not so bad. I think a brown would be better for a day time look though. It’s subtle but adds a bit of definition which I like. I also think this look would be easy to bring to an evening look by adding some dramatic liquid liner.

Here’s how to do it!

all numbered

1. As this is a smokey look, I’d suggest doing your eyes first before doing your base, it will help at the end as it can get messy and you won’t have to fix your face.

2. Apply an off white to the entire lid of the eyes. Then apply an eyeshadow base

3. Apply the same off-white just below the eyebrows (1).

4. Apply a light taupe (or a colour a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone) to the crease and on the eyebrow bone (2). Blend well. This step is to add slight definition to the eyes without adding too much colour.

5. Take a nude shimmer of your choice and apply it evenly to the entire lid (3)

6. Using a soft black (or brown) eye pencil, run along your lash line and lower lash line (4). Depending on how dramatic you want the look, you can make the line as thick or as thin as you like. In the video the lower waterline is also lined but I don’t like doing that on myself. Smudge the line outwards with a flat angled brush or a cotton bud to take away any harsh lines. Then to set the liner, run a small bit of matt black along the line.

7. Take the same nude shimmer and run it from the inner corner of your eye to about 3/4 of the way out (so just below the number 2 in the picture) and blend in. This will help take the a bit of the edge of the eye liner and make it blend in a bit more. Do the same with the lower lash line.

8. Using a dark brown, bring it from the outer corner of the eye (where your liner ends) up to the crease and blend inwards for about 1/4 of the eye (5). Make sure it is blended well.

9. Finish your eyes by curling the lashes and applying 1 or 2 layers of mascara (I used black but again I think brown would be good for day time).

10. Apply your base, concealer, a natural blusher and slick neutral lip balm or lip gloss.

And you’re done! And here’s a list of products for anyone interested.

Base- No.7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream in Fair for Normal/Oily Skin

Concealer- Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer in Light

Eyeshadow Primer- Catrice Stay On

Off White Shadow (1)- Essence Soft Matt Eyeshadow in 01 Velvet Passion

Taupe Colour (2)- No.7 Aniversary Eye Trio Fabulous 40s (light brown shade)

Nude Shimmer (3)- Sleek iDivine Bad Girl Palette (2nd shade on the top left)

Eyeliner (4)- Opia Eyeliner in Black (Penney’s/Primark)

Matt Black Eyeshadow (4)- MUA in Shade 20 Matt

Darker Brown (5)- No. 7 Anniversary Eye Trio Fabulous 40s (darker brown shade)

Mascara- Maybelline Full n Soft in Black

Blusher- Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in the Peachy Shade (can’t seem to find a shade name or number!)

Highlighter- Benefit High Beam

Bronzer- Essence Bronzing Compact Powder Matt in 02 Love to Be Matt (used to contour a bit)

Lip Gloss- Bourjois Rose Exclusif in 01 (this one changes colour due to the pH of you lips)

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