Saturday, April 7, 2012

30 Day Pinterest Project: Day 7

So I’m at Day 7 of this challenge but Day 5 of feeling crappy. Thursday in Dublin I picked up some nail polish. All last summer I wanted some pastel coloured nail polish, ‘ice cream’ shades as I like to call them. But the ones I saw were 8-9 Euro each and I really didn’t have the money. And as winter rolled around, ice cream shades faded from my memory in place of Christmas sparkles.

At the beginning of this week, the Penney’s Facebook page posted about the Angelica nail polish range bringing out new pastel shades. And I immediately wanted them all. Couple then with seeing this Michelle Phan Easter nail tutorial and Behind Green Eyes take on Easter nails, I just knew I had to buy some polishes and try it myself. I knew I wouldn’t be trying anything like bunnies or chicks as I do not have a steady hand but dots and lines I could give a try. And here’s how it turned out!



My favourite, the baby finger!


The shades used:

Pink- Angelica Nail Colour in Sweetie Pie

Yellow- Angelica Nail Colour in Lemoncello

Purple- Angelica Nail Colour in Palma Violet

Blue- Angelica Nail Colour in Skylar

Orange- Catrice Ulitmate Nail Lacquer in MAN, GO Tango mixed with a white to make it slightly pastely.

As you can see, I took pictures of my right hand. I honestly thought my left would turn out better as I’d be painting with my right hand but for some reason that didn’t happen!

There are other Angelica shades available, including glitters and UV reacting colours and I think I want them all!


  1. Amaze! I wish I could do nail art but I lack all artistic ability!

  2. Thank you! I totally lack artistic ability, I had to redo some of them!


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