Tuesday, April 10, 2012

30 Days of Pinterest: Day 10

Today was a day I needed cheering up. I have a tendency to be a bit melancholy at times. I’m not a happy-go-lucky person, I would never classify myself as an optimist. I try my best to keep my mood up but sometimes it’s just not as easy as that. Positive mental health is important to me, I think there can be such a stigma attached to mental health problems. Here are some pins I like that promote positive mental health and ways to improve.

This one doesn’t link back to a website, just to Tumblr. I tried looking but couldn’t find the source. So I just took it from my pin. I love all the suggestions made.

Pin links back to this website, but I’m not sure if it’s the original source. Quote is by Charlie Chaplin.

There’s lots of variation on this type of quote, I just hadn’t heard this particular one before. It really struck a bell with me. Again, couldn’t find where it was originally from but here’s the pin.

This isn’t always the case for feeling down and depression, I know it’s not just as simple as ‘Stop feeling down and you won’t be down’. However, I liked this picture as it’s cute and sometimes you can think good things and feel good. This came from Etsy user ParadaCreations.

I loved this one as it remembered me of one of the first posts I ever wrote on here. Another Etsy user, VinylLettering.

Good deeds can be small but the impact can be big. Something as simple as a smile can be a big help to people, a weight off their shoulders. Just something to bare in mind. The source for this can be found here.

Letting go and forgiving can be good for mental and physical health. It takes a lot of energy to hold onto a grudge, it can be so consuming (take it from someone who’s been there). Letting go can be like lifting a massive weight off. (Not sure of original source)

A problem shared is a problem halved. A good moment is doubled when shared with friends. Life is always easier when you have friends, be it 2 or 52. Make time to surround yourself with people who get you, will look out for you and make you feel comfortable. From Etsy user monkeymindesign.

It can be easy to dwell and obsess over mistakes. You can learn a lot from your mistakes. And sometimes they can lead you in the direction you want your life to be. Poster can from here.

If all else fails, try and remember that tomorrow is a new day, a new chance to succeed. Sometimes the road to good mental health is tough but you just need to remember to take it step by step, day by day. A new day is a new accomplishment, another day that you are alive and that you are strong. Another day to battle and while it may not always go to plan, you can start all over again tomorrow. (Source is from this website apparently but can not find the actual post).

Those were just some of the quotes I liked, there are many more too found in my Slogans and Prints board. What things help you have positive mental health? Are they any words or quotes that keep you going? Let me know in the link below!


  1. Exercise, eating right and tidying my house all really help with my mental health. I have had mental health issues in the past and am 3 years of meds, I mind myself very carefully since

  2. Yes, tidying the house cleans me too! I think uncluttering the space around me helps to unclutter my head.

    And I do enjoy exercise when I get into it. I just find it hard to get into and motivated!


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