Friday, April 20, 2012

30 Days of Pinterest: Day 19

What I like about Pinterest is that you can pin ideas and recipes, other practical things. But also that you can just pin things purely for visual. One thing I’ve been getting interested in is street art. I don’t mean proper word graffiti but more clever drawings and use of what’s already there. Here are some of my favourites

From Street Art Utopia. I love the use of the drain and the pole, it’s so clever!

From JunkfoodClothing. This one makes me laugh, probably because it’s a pink skeleton!

From Street Art Utopia. So simple yet so clever.

From Street Art Utopia. My inner nerd loves this!

From behance. And this too!

From Junk Food Clothing. I love the textures used here. Knitting graffiti is something I saw a bit when I was in college, I love seeing big projects.

From Street Art Utopia. 3D art like this is amazing! There’s loads more like this, they look so real.

From Street Art Utopia. Picture by mmarsupilami. Art isn’t just painting! I love this giant clothes peg!

I have loads more and I’m still discovering some. That’s why I love Pinterest, so many of these would be still unknown to me if I hadn’t seen them on Pinterest.


  1. Thanks! :) Street Art Utopia is a great website, though they're also on Pinterest!


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