Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Miss Courtney’s Tearooms, Killarney

I was in Killarney, Co. Kerry at the weekend and when I remembered Miss Courtney’s Tearooms was there, I couldn’t wait to go! It was first opened in 1909 by the current owner’s great-aunt.


It was a rainy day, so my boyfriend and I were glad to get out of the rain. The place was busy and we had to wait for a seat but we didn’t mind. First thing that struck me was the decor. It’s amazing! I loved the retro vibe, the old black and white photos on the wall, the table cloths, the china cups hanging off the chandler. I’m a sucker for places like this, it reminds me of a cafe closer to hand called The Potter’s Hand in Kilrush, Co.Clare.


There was lots to choose from on the menu, the list of teas alone takes up a whole page. While the afternoon tea was tempting, I had missed breakfast and wanted something more. So I went with the scrambled Eggs with griddled pancetta and toasted focaccia.


Himself had vegetable soup and brown bread. I loved the way the butter is shaped.


I couldn’t resist a cake so I decided to go with the coffee one (even though if I’m honest, I would have tried them all!).


One of my favourite things about Miss Courtney’s is the fact that all the china and cutlery are all miss-matched. It adds a certain charm to the place.

DSC02263 DSC02264

I’d love to go back to Killarney again some day and when I do, this place will be top of the list!


  1. It's really cute, I love places like that! If you're ever down that way, you should check it out. At the end of their menu, they have a little thing about reading your tea leaves!


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