Monday, November 5, 2012

Favourite Bond Theme Songs!

I went to see Skyfall the first night it was released and I thought it was amazing! I’ve loved Daniel Craig as Bond seen I first saw him in Casino Royale and this one does not disappoint! I love the colours in it (especially when he’s in China), they are so vibrant. And I also love the theme song, as sung by Adele (and possibly the worst kept secret ever! Everyone knew it was going to be her!). The theme is very ‘Bondy’ and while I liked it when it first came out, I loved it even more after seeing the film!

Listening to the song got me thinking about my other favourite Bond themes, so I decided to list my 3 other favourite ones.

You Only Live Twice- Nancy Sinatra

In the world of YOLO, Bond YOLTs. I’ll admit, I don’t know this song from watching the film, but rather from looking it up after hearing the opening was copied by Robbie Williams in Millennium (which is probably my favourite of his songs). I immediately fell in love! I’m a sucker for strings in songs and the opening is so heady and dreamy, it sends shivers down my spine. I love Sinatra’s voice too. I love Bjork’s cover of it too.

Live and Let Die- Paul McCartney

I love the tempo changes in this, how the song itself is almost like a Bond film that hints at chases, dangers and love. Again, I also love the strings in it and it’s why I like eScala’s cover of it.

Chris Cornell- You Know My Name

A rocky, edgy Bond theme for a new edgy Bond. This song was perfect for the reboot, where Daniel Craig plays Bond to a T in terms of not being polished and a lot rough around the edges. Chris Cornell’s voice adds a grittiness to it yet still sexy, just like Bond. I also love the opening credit sequence to the film as well.

What are your favourite Bond songs?

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