Friday, November 16, 2012

Rimmel Precious Stones Nail Polish

I was like a magpie when I first saw these online, I knew I HAD TO HAVE THEM! There’s two shades, Diamond Dust which is grey and silver sparkles and Ruby Crush which is red and gold (maybe silver, it looked gold in some lights, but silvery in others!) sparkles. They are so densely packed that you only need two coats to get an even cover, so no undercoat colour is needed.


Diamond Dust, with flash, which shows the underlying steely grey background, with the silver sparkles on top.



Without flash


Ruby Crush, with flash


Without flash

I’m in love with these colour, perfect for Christmassy nails. And I would love if there was a dark sapphire blue and an emerald green version. Oi Rimmel, sort that out and I’ll snap them up straight away!

I got mine on ASOS, where there’s 30% off Rimmel at the moment. AND free worldwide delivery! What’s stopping you?!

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