Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Year’s Resolution Recap

It’s the time of the year where I go over the New Year’s Resolutions I made for the year and see how I did!

1. Be more healthy and exercise more (I really need to lose weight too but I think if I concentrate more on being healthy instead of obsessing over losing weight, I’ll succeed better)

Eek! This is never a good resolution is it?! Best to leave it at that!

2. Get a job

Sigh, so close on some accounts but no dice.

3. Cook 12 new savoury/dinner dishes

15 new things! Yay! Roast Turkey, potato stuffing, bread & sausage stuffing, honey slow cooked chicken, yaki soba, chick pea burgers, turkey mince stir fry, slow cooker chicken korma, naan bread, onion bhajjis, chicken burger, oven cooked parmesan chicken, Chinese 5 spice chicken with hoisin sauce, spiced honey pork chops and potato gnocchi!

4. Make 12 new sweet dishes

22. TWENTY TWO! A record for me! I guess having my own kitchen helped. Here they are: vanilla slices, pecan pie, pumpkin tart, pumpkin muffins, molten chocolate pots, soda bread, lemon meringue pie, cherry bakewell cupcakes, butterscotch blondies, Coca Cola cake, chocolate fudge cake, red velvet cream cheese brownies, cake batter fudge, macarons, banana butterscotch sponge cake, banana and peanut butter cookies, coffee mascarpone bundt cake, peanut butter, banana and bacon bread, honeycomb, Dutch oven pancakes, banana and honey nut muffins and cake in a mug! Phew! (I’ve just noticed that I’ve really loved bananas this year).

5. Finish reading all the books I’ve started (There’s about 20-30 of them).

Right, just as I thought, I got really side-tracked by new books! Typical really. According to Goodreads, I read 28 books (not including the cook books and novellas I read). I’m in the middle of 3 books at the moment, I might finish one before New Year’s Day though.

6. Watch 50 films I’ve never seen (while completing the A-Z list I started last year).

From my records (and I could be wrong as I didn’t really do a good job keeping track), I got to 37. It could be one or two more, I might have seen some films on TV and just forgot about them. I have 3 left in the A-Z: O,Q and Z! Sigh, I will get it completed eventually!

7. Learn a new skill (as of yet I have not decided)

Hmm, I didn’t really stick to anything. I got back into knitting which was nice. I concentrated more on doing 30 Days of Pinterest and 25 Before 25, which was fun.

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