Saturday, February 2, 2013

YouTube Pick of the Week

I’m back! Thought I’d ease myself in with some YouTube picks.

Oh how I laughed when I heard R. Kelly was bringing out a book called ‘Soulacoaster’. And how I laughed even more when I watched this video of Gary Oldman reading about a time R. Kelly had a conversation with 2Pac.

If you’re Irish and haven’t seen the clip of newscaster Aengus MacGrianna caught applying make up before broadcasting the news, then your head must be in the sand! Of course, the clip immediately brought Anchorman to mind and someone has rather cleverly put some Anchorman clips in a video along with some of Aengus MacGrianna’s other bloopers.

Another video doing the rounds in Irish internet land is the Pulp Fiction video dubbed with thick Kerry accents. In this clip, Graham Norton shows Quentin Tarantino the video and we get to see his response.

This video is the first in the Ask a Mortician series done by Caitlin Doughty from Order of the Good Death. Caitlin’s aim is to bring realistic discussions of death back into pop culture and this series is perfect as she answers some questions without it being too morbid. I personally find it fascinating anyway!

If death isn’t your thing but music is, CDZA might be something you’d like! They’re a group of musicians who post different interesting videos, from a History of Whistling (songs that contain whistling), to playing songs under street signs of famous musicians to this, the Human Jukebox, where people donating money dictate what is being played.

Biggest lesson learnt from this video? Never trust a woman who has never seen the inside of a cake tin.

Finally, in honour of tomorrow’s Super Bowl, I present ‘The NFL: A Bad Lip Reading’. Enjoy!

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