Sunday, March 17, 2013

Paddy’s Day Nails!

Ok, so I’m late to the party here but better late than never eh?! I wanted to try out a few ideas, so I put something different on each nail.


Left hand, in sunlight


Left hand with flash

Thumb- Pint of Guinness

Index- a stripy tri colour, probably my least favourite

Middle- A very poor attempt at shamrocks!

Ring- Another poor attempt, this time a glittery harp

Little- Glittery green


Right hand in sunlight


Right hand with flash

Baby- Polka dots

Ring- Green with gold glitter tips

Middle- Green with a gold shatter top coat

Index- Emerald green

Thumb- Tricolour flag

My favourite is probably the baby finger on the right hand, I love the combo of greens and it really stands out. I think next year I’ll just stick to one idea across the board!

If you want to know any of the colours, just ask below and I’ll reply! I’ll probably get around to updating the post at some stage with colours anyway. But for now, bed time! I hope you all had a good St.Patrick’s Day regardless of what you were doing!


  1. I like the stripy tri-colour! I love all the different ideas xx

    1. thanks! It wasn't one of my favourites but looking back it's growing on me


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