Sunday, February 2, 2014

Maybelline Color Show Street Artist Top Coat Collection

I’m a bit of a sucker for these collections Maybelline bring out. There’s always at least one I want (more often nearly all). I loved the Polka Dots Collection, the Brocades over Christmas was lovely (I bought the Knitted Gold one thanks to Lovely Girlies Bits) and now they have this Street Artist Top Coat collection out, as well as the Stripped Nudes collection (I bought one shade, Bronze It Up, during my recent haul). I couldn’t resist buying all of these though, they looked so fun and interesting.


Left to right: Boom Box Black, Alley Attitude, Urban Vibe, White Splatter

maybellinecolorshowstreetartist maybellinecolorshowstreetartist

Close ups of Boom Box Back and Alley Attitude

maybellinecolorshowstreetartist maybellinecolorshowstreetartist

Close ups of Urban Vibe and White Splatter



White Splatter has white hexagons, dots and large strands, as well as turquoise and purple dots and hexagons. Shown here over Revlon in Minted

Boom Box Black has bright green green hexagons, dots and small strands with black hexagons and dots. Shown here over NYC in Water Street Blue

Urban Vibe has orange hexagons, dots and small strands, with black dots and hexagons. Shown here over Revlon in Sassy

Alley Attitude has bright blue hexagons, dots and small strands, with black dots and hexagons. Shown here over Catrice in Meet Me At Coral Island

They are quite similar, the Boom Box Black and Alley Attitude are the exact same but with different colours. The Urban Vibe differs slightly to them with large black hexagons. And White Splatter doesn’t seem to be packed as tightly as the others, has no black and has large strands. My favourite is probably Urban Vibe. I especially love it over this neon green, once I had applied it I thought ‘This is like Nickelodean in nail form!’. I also LOVE the colour pairing of Alley Attitude and Meet Me At Coral Island. I’m definitely planning another look based off these colours.

Of course, just like the Polka Dots Collection, there are different colours available in the US. Including a light pink, a red and a darker blue (they have the light blue and green ones with different names). And just like the Polka Dots Collection, I want them too! There’s some shots of the bottles over at Lacq Lustre.


  1. I love Alley Attitude! I hardly ever see Maybelline nail polish over here. I remember I loved the ones from the Polka Dots collection, but they just never came to little old NZ :(

    1. Aww Mel that sucks! It must be so frustrating to see things like that but not be able to get your hands on them


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