Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine’s Nude Lace Hearts Nails

My 3rd Valentine’s nails look. With the amount of looks I’ve been trying out, my nails are probably hating me right now! This is like the equivalent of waiting for a bus for me, don’t feel like painting my nails for months and then all of a sudden it’s like


Ahem. Anyway, back to today’s look.



Ok, some of them are a bit wonky, I know that! But not too bad for a first try, if I do say so myself. I was inspired by these Lace Half-Moon Nails from Chalkboard Nails. Here’s how I did them

1. Start off with a base coat to protect your nails.

2. Paint your nails a nude colour. I used Nails Inc in Basil Street. Apply enough coats until you’re satisfied and allow to dry completely.

3. Paint nails with a matt top coat. I used the Essence one. This step isn’t essential, though like I said back in the Chalkboard Nails tutorial, I find it much easier to write over a matt surface.

4. Once matt coat is dry, draw your design! I start with a heart, then did the loops and ended with adding the dots. You can do whatever you want, you can fill in the hearts with more swirls and lines if you wish. I wanted mine simplistic though. I used Barry M Nail Art Pen in White to draw my designs.

5. Finally you can add a top coat if you wish. I didn’t because I really like the shiny finish of the white against the matt nude, which actually kinda shined up a bit by the next day. Only downside is your nails will fade a bit, like you can see on my thumb above. If you do apply a topcoat (shiny or matt, it’s up to you), do make sure white is completely dry and you don’t use too many strokes, otherwise the lace will smudge and streak.

I really like how these turn out, they may not be perfect but they still make me smile! I think they’re a great subtle look for Valentine’s Day, if you don’t want to wear something red or pink.


  1. Ohhh this is so cute! I haven't done nail art in so long but valentine's is a good excuse!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I think Valentine's Day really helped get me back in the mood of nail art as it forced me to think of ideas. I was in such a slump before now, last time I probably did nails was Halloween!

  2. Gorgeous, really subtle and a lovely idea. The lace looks like a stamp, seriously good!

    1. awww thank you, you're too kind! I can NOT master stamping to save my life!


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