Sunday, March 16, 2014

10 Shades of Green for Your Nails this St. Patrick’s Day

Alright, not quite 40 shades of green but I did go through all my nail polishes (about 270 in all!) and managed to find about 25 shades!


I tried to go from light to dark as best I could

But I decided to just show 10 of them, as I really couldn’t be bothered take the colours off my nails to paint more on!




I’ve tried to capture them in different lights to show how they can change depending on the light.

Thumb Essence in The Green and the Grunge. Grunge is perfect name for it, as it is quite a grungy shade. The bottle is marked as Colour of the Year, after last year’s colour being Emerald, and while it does look like that in the bottle, I find it doesn’t come out as vibrant or emeraldy enough as I thought it would

Index Sinful Colors in Rise and Shine. Without a top coat, this can come off as a semi-matte finish, just in case you’re interested in that. I did use top coats on all of these except the only matte I used. I really like how in the 3rd picture you can see the subtle glitter flecks running through it. This one has really grown on me!

Middle Revlon in Minted. A nice pale minty Shamrock Shake colour!

Ring Catrice in Hugo Moss. I found this the most difficult to photograph, as it quite vibrant in person but comes across dark. It takes 3 coats to build up a decent colour, it would be interesting to use in a jelly sandwich I think.

Little Catrice in Virgin Forest (Limited Edition). This is more the emerald I expected from Essence The Green and the Grunge, except this shade is shimmery. It really is quite eye catching!




Little Revlon in Emerald City. This is a matte but it’s beautiful with a top coat too. Reminds me of crushed velvet.

Ring Sinful Colors in Mint Apple . This Sinful Color also has a subtle bit of glitter going through it, I just didn’t manage to capture it as well as the other. It’s a lovely minty green shade though, not as pale as the Revlon Minted.

Middle Rimmel in Sea Green. This is a nice sea green, as the name suggests. I think it really applies nicely.

Index Revlon in Sassy. Boyfriend was not impressed with this Shrek green colour!

Thumb NYC in Money Never Sleeps. Unfortunately I forgot to get a good angle on this! It’s quite dark.

And that’s it! Phew! I didn’t even get around to glitters, though I only have one or two. I did really want the Nails Inc Nail Jewellery in the green shade but never got around to it unfortunately. What are your favourite green nail polish shades?

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