Wednesday, June 4, 2014

May Recap

I can’t believe May is already over. I know everyone says this kind of thing but it’s true! We’re already in June. Here’s part of what I got up to in May.

Doing- Interviews! Well, only 2 so far (with another one in a few days) but it’s better than none. It just feelings good to be interviewed, it feels like progress in this hunt for a job.


Watching- Numb3rs. I saw Orla mention it in one of her blog posts and decided to give it a whirl. It’s about FBI agent and his mathematician brother who helps him solve crimes. Even if you don’t like maths you might enjoy this! I love the characters, my favourite is Colby. Also went to cinema to see X-Men and really enjoyed it!



Enjoying- Blog Every Day in May! I really enjoyed the challenge, you can read more about it in my wrap up post here.


Walking- Did the Darkness Into Light walk in London, my 3rd time doing it and my 1st abroad. I spoke more about it here in this post.



Listening- To Freakonomics Radio podcasts. Not sure why I never listed to them before seeing as I loved Freakonomics and Superfreakonomics. Looking forward to reading their new book, Think Like a Freak.


Playing- Yoshi’s New Island on DS. I’m a sucker for Mario games so I’m glad I got this one (though it is quite similar to Yoshi’s Island, which I also have). Managed to get the game for free as well by saving up vouchers earned from doing online surveys!



Reading- Not a lot really! Here’s my May Read’s blog post.


Knitting- A cushion! Very slowly really, I need to pick up the slack and get onto my next project, whatever that will be!


  1. Great post! I do online surveys for vouchers too, haven't done any in ages, must check my balance!! Best of luck with the interviews x

    1. Yes, I've slacked a lot recently, if I had been bothered to do all the surveys that was emailed to me, I'd probably have another tenner! And thank you, they went well, just waiting to hear back now


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