Sunday, June 1, 2014

May’s Reads

May was not great in terms of reading. I really wasn’t inspired, probably because I originally had 3 non-fiction books out from the library and just wasn’t in the mood for them. So in the end I decided to just leave them and read some fiction I had lined up. It probably didn’t help that I also got sucked into watching a series on Netflix and spent a lot of time doing that instead of reading!

The Diamond Thief by Sharon Gosling

the diamond thief

 The Diamond Thief is set in Victorian London, where circus performer Remy leads a secret double life as a top class jewel thief. When ordered to steal one of the world’s most famous diamonds, she finds she’s been beaten to it and sets off to track it down. I did a full review here if you’re interested in reading that. If you like YA, Victorian London and steam punk, you’ll probably enjoy this!



Cress by Marissa Meyer


 Cress is the 3rd book in the Cinder series. It continues the story of Cinder, a cyborg, trying to save the world from the evil Luna queen, Levana in a futuristic, steam punk world. This book introduces a new character, Crescent or Cress, who lives in a satellite in orbit around the Moon. She’s the Rapunzel character in this world of retelling fairy tale characters. I won’t mention too much about the plot seeing as it is part of a series but I did really enjoy it and I’m looking forward to the final book.


Attachments by Rainbow Rowell


This is the 3rd Rainbow Rowell book I’ve read this year and it’s safe to say I’m definitely becoming a fan of Rowell! Attachments is set in 1999 in an office at a local newspaper, where Lincoln is the internet security officer who’s job it is to read flagged emails. Beth and Jennifer’s emails are frequently flagged but the more Lincoln reads from them, the less he wants to discipline them. He finds himself looking forward to their emails and slowly falls for one of the women. I thought it was a sweet story (forgetting maybe one or two of the slightly stalkerish parts!) and I loved the idea of reading the emails between the two women. I did find myself rooting for Lincoln and I really enjoyed the fact that this book focuses on adults instead of teenagers. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind books that have teenage characters but it was refreshing to read them from the point of view of people my age.


Who is Tom Ditto? by Danny Wallace

tom ditto

Tom is an ordinary guy, a early morning newsreader for a radio station in London, who leads a pretty ordinary life. Until one day he finds a letter from his girlfriend that says ‘Tom, I have not left you. But I am gone. Please carry on as normal. Love always, Hayley’. Tom’s life is turned upside down by this and while trying to uncover where she is, he discovers things he didn’t know about Hayley, include a mystery club called CC. I wrote a full review here. I enjoyed the book, I thought it was quirky and fun.


Britty Britty Bang Bang by Hugh Dennis

britty britty bang bang

I started this book at the end of April and only just finished it last night. This was partly the reason why I was so uninspired with reading this month. This book is broken down into chapters such as inventions, sport and entertainment, about what make Britain so British. And while I found some chapters interesting (I didn’t like the gardening one at all), I think the book was just so different to what I was expecting. It’s very factual while I thought the book would be a lot more casual and funny. Maybe it’s because I’d built it up in my head for a while and it took ages for me to get it from the library to read that I hyped it up. While this is interesting, it’s not as humorous as I expected.

May Stats

Number of books read-5

Ratio fiction to non-fiction- 4:1

Number of eBooks- 3 (The Diamond Thief, Attachments, Who is Tom Ditto?)

Number of books borrowed from library- 2

Number of books from Reading Resolutions- 0

All in all, not the best month. Though I’m glad I did start reading some other books I was holding off on, as it did help me get back into the swing of things. I have no idea what to read next though!

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