Tuesday, September 9, 2014

August Recap

So I’m late with this one but I’ve still been crazy busy at work and haven’t been feeling great. In fact my voice is gone at the moment, probably shouldn’t have spoken as much as I did when my throat first started to get sore! Anyway, I had a great August and here’s a recap of what I got up to!

Celebrating- More stuff! Last month I started with celebrating and this month is the same. First came a friend’s birthday, I baked her a cake shaped like a rollerskate which you can see here. Then came my first English wedding, a friend my boyfriend has made since moving who got married and it was wonderful! Was super sad I had to leave early due to working at 6am the next morning. There was also the birth of my newest cousin which happened JUST after I returned home from Ireland (typical) and I’m super excited to meet her, hopefully in October. I also went to my uncle’s house one weekend for a ‘just for fun’ get together with some family members.


Top row: Cider tasting and cocktails at birthday celebration

Bottom Row: Enjoying the glow sticks and cute box to place well wishes for newly weds

Socializing- Besides the above occasions and my regular knitting group sessions, there’s been a knitting trip to Black Sheep Wools, extracurricular knitting nights (a.k.a. time for drinks!) and I got to meet with Rebecca from The Lucky Rainbow Blog for the first time! We went to Sugar Junction in Northern Quarter in Manchester and then after it closed we went to coffee shop. We ended up talking for over 6 hours and honestly, we could have kept talking as well if it wasn’t getting dark!


Top Row: Pics from Black Sleep Wools

Bottom Row: Beautiful treats from Sugar Junction


Playing- DuoLingo. Ok, so technically not a game but since they released Irish in Beta I’ve been doing a refresher course in Gaeilge and really enjoying it. I’ve surprised myself with how much I’ve actually remembered!


Watching- NickReboot! A website that streams old Nickelodeon shows 24/7. There is an on demand version you can pay for and chose what to watch, but I quite like going to the free one and just seeing what’s on! Favourites so far are Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Hey Arnold!, The Muppet Show and Action League Now!


Feeling Sad About- The death of Robin Williams. I know so much has been said about it over the past month but he brought so much joy and laughter to the world and was a big part of my childhood. Hook and Mrs Doubtfire are still big big favourites of mine. I hope people remember how important mental health is and why it needs to stop being taboo. Also, my cat Jessie died back home. She may have been a snob cat but she was my snob cat!

One of my fave clips from Mrs Doubtfire

Listening- To Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. It’s very catchy! And I love when groups of women in the music industry come together and support each other like this. Reminds me of Lady Marmalade in that sense.


Crafting- Knitting still and this time graduating from straight rectangles! This month I knitted a baby cardigan for my new cardigan! I’m so proud of it, first time I’ve tried something a bit more adventurous. I just need to sew in the loose ends and block it and it’s ready!


Reading- Click here to check out my August Reads post.

That’s about it! I’ve also been working lots, hence why I’ve neglected here. I do have a few days off though this coming week so hopefully I’ll get back on track then.


  1. Looks like you are had a great month and that cake looks amazing. We should meet for cake too :)

    1. Oh yes, we should DEFINITELY meet for cake! Sooner rather than later! :)

  2. Sounds like a fun month - hope you feel better soon.

    1. I think it was the busiest month I've had since moving over to Manchester! And thank you, slowly but surely climbing recovery mountain


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