Friday, September 12, 2014

Seventeen Polka Dot Nail Polish

So, I’ve mentioned a few times that I’ve been wanting the Model’s Own Microdots ever since I first saw it. But I still haven’t got my hands on it. The stands in the Boots stores in Manchester were seriously under stocked all summer, disgracefully so really. Then it was announced that they were pulling out of Boots (last week when I went to Boots the stand was gone) and going into Superdrug, however even though when you search their website for the closest stockists, that Superdrug does not have a stand in yet (they used to have a small non-permanent stand but even that’s gone). And because there’s not Bottle Shops here either (seriously, why is there no Bottle Shops in Manchester?!), there is a serious Model’s Own drought in Manchester. Yes, I know I could always order online but I like browsing and buying in store.

So while in Boots last week, I spotted something very similar in the Seventeen stand. There were two different shades but this one caught my eye more. What I love about these confetti style topcoats is that they add interest to the nail but they’re great if you don’t want something sparkly. Seventeen are actually great at coming out with their own versions of nail effects that are big with other brands. For the life of me though, I can not find anything about this Polka Dot polish online. Can’t even find a name for it.




I’ve layered it over Barry M Gelly HiShine in Coconut, one of my favourite shades this summer! I can’t even remember what the second polish in this Seventeen range is like, colour wise! I should have taken a snap of them really!


  1. Love this! Was thinking of getting the models own one too but this sounds like as good an option and cheaper too, yay! Love it over the BarryM.

    1. Thanks Chloe! Yes, I might go back and get second bottle with the different shades, I still can't get my hands on Model's Own one, even though the stand is now in Superdrug. Maybe they're not selling it in Superdrug? And I am in love with that Barry M, I think I'll need to get more!


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