Monday, November 10, 2014

October Wrap Up

Another late post but sure what can you do? Here’s what I got up to in October.

Travelling- I went to London (you can see what I got up to in this post) and I also went back home to Ireland. Lovely and sunny when I left Liverpool, gloomy and drizzly when I landed. I’ll still take the Irish version any day though! It was nice to be back home, looking forward to Christmas there too, not long to go!

Playing- With cats! Three new cats at home, had fun getting to know them all. Also went to a quiz when home, I really need to do them here in Manchester, as I do love a good quiz!

IMG_3714 IMG_3733 IMG_3752

Buying- Books! And this lovely Tracey Emin Books Are My Bag tote. Also went shopping one day with Sarah and got myself a lovely mustard jumper (for years I resisted mustard but it’s powers were too strong this year!).

           IMG_3667 IMG_3668

Treating Myself- To my very first eyebrow threading! I went to the Love Beauty Brow Studio in Primark in Manchester and managed to suffer through the pain of having my eyebrow hairs yanked out. It was nice to treat myself though and I might got back to try something else soon.

Knitting- More things for my new cousin. I made her a hat for Halloween that looks like a pumpkin, however she doesn’t like wearing hats so the cat got to try it on. Also made some pastel birdies that will get made into a hanging mobile.

IMG_3698 IMG_3782

Watching- Guardians of the Galaxy in the cinema. Yes, my boyfriend and I were late to the party but we managed to catch it still in the cinema and really enjoyed it. Also started watching The Apprentice for the first time. Well, I’ve seen it before on and off but this is the first time I’ve started properly following it week by week.

Eating- This delicious breakfast at North Star Delicatessen. It was delicious! I’ve also been enjoying half price dinners next door at Oddest when with my knitting group. I think it’s become my local! Also enjoyed food at Beeny Green when in London.


Reading- Hurrah for the return of monthly reading recaps! There was none for September but since I read 8 books in October, you can check them out here.

That’s pretty much it! Besides working and just relaxing with friends and family back home. I very much enjoyed meeting my new baby cousin, she’s adorable and has quite the mop of hair! Onwards to November.


  1. Love everything in this post! The cats! The knitted birds! The Tracey Emin Bag! The smiley pancakes! All wonderful! Glad you had such a lovely month! xx

    1. thank you! Yes, looking at this post makes me smile as it was a good month :)

  2. I am very jealous - your month was so much more exciting than mine!

    1. I made sure it was! And sure, a lot of the stuff I did I did with you as well :)

  3. Lovely post, the knitted birds are beyond cute! And you have a cat in a hat! Jealous x

    1. Thank you! And I'm really looking forward to getting back home again to the cats! (and my friends and family of course...)


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