Tuesday, December 2, 2014

November 2014 Wrap Up

November is usually a dull and dreary month, but I tried to pack it with fun things and I think it worked! I had another great month and hopefully December will be great too.
Socializing- It was nice to get back to knitting group after being back home. I also got to check out a new cupcake place with Sarah, went and socialized one night with friends of my boyfriend, met up with a cousin, her boyfriend and friends at the Manchester Christmas Market for my boyfriend’s birthday and also went to my Uncle’s house for food and fireworks! Also went to feed the ducks after work one day with my boyfriend.
    IMG_3816 IMG_3817 IMG_3834
                             IMG_3958 IMG_3954

Knitting- Presents! So obviously the Christmas knitting I’ve done so far won’t go up here but I did knit a super long scarf for my boyfriend for his birthday.
                                  IMG_3948  IMG_3950

Watching- Mythbusters. I don’t know why, but I just had this urge to watch loads of Mythbusters while knitting. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the show.

Listening- To Jamiroquoi. I heard them on an extracurricular knitting outing, as well as frequently popping up on the playlists at work and then just listened to tons of his songs for days on end, Love Foolosophy being the main one I listened to. Also, I’m pleased to say, not listening to Christmas music! Being in retail, I thought it would be put on super early but there wasn’t a hint of a Christmas song until yesterday and even then it was mainly other songs. Very refreshing.

Drinking- Costa! Or so it seemed, even though I only got three drinks. I tried the Orange Hot Chocolate, the Brownie Hot Chocolate and the Sticky Toffee Latte. I love the festive cups too.
     santa snowman

Remembering- My friend Marguerite, who passed away ten years ago this Saturday gone. It’s hard to believe ten years has passed, it seems like yesterday I was giggling away to her funny impressions. She was such a bright, vibrant girl, full of fun and life. Some of the teachers were shocked to hear that Mags was such a great mimic of them, they always thought she was so quiet! Not a day goes by where I don’t miss her, I am so happy that I knew her and it reminds me that I am so so grateful for all the amazing friends I have.
Reading- A quiet month reading wise but you can catch yesterday’s post here.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your friend, it's always sobering to remember those who have gone, time seems to fly x Well done on your knitting, the scarf looks fab, so professional! I love that there are so many tours and outings to do with knitting, I couldn't do that with cross-stitch, we'd all be still sitting on a bus after a week trying to count stitches!! x

    1. Thanks Sharon. I'm looking forward to knitting myself a scarf after Christmas! Knit club meet ups are really an excuse for food and a drink in the bar we meet up!

  2. That's a lovely tribute to your friend - and it sounds like November was a lovely, jam packed month for you. I was sick during it so hoping December makes up for that!

    1. Thanks Emma. Yes, November was busy, I've been enjoying trying to make my months a bit busier, I have such a habit of just wanting to stay inside! I hope you're feeling better and December is a fun month so far!


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