Sunday, December 28, 2014

Winter and Christmas Nails

Hello! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas/whatever you celebrate. I certainly did, I’m still on holidays for a day or two, enjoying being home in Ireland. I did various nail looks over December and meant to post them up here before now but I just got busy with work and crafting. Here’s three looks I tried out this year.

snowflake nails

This was one of my favourites to try. I used Rimmel Rita Ora polish in White Hot Love as a base coat, then sponged on the white along with Essence That’s What I Mint, for an ombre effect. I then topped it with Nails Inc Kensington Church Street Snowflake polish. I really loved this look, I think it’s a great winter look without being too Christmassy.


Now these Santa nails ARE Christmassy! I used Revlon’s Gold Coin along with a Color Club red glitter (don’t know the name as it came in a set!), along with a nail art sticker I got in Poundland. I wish I had a chance to use the red polish more as it is perfect for Christmas looks.


Finally I wanted to use the Ciate Snow Globe I picked up in one of the advent sets I got in TK Maxx. It was tempting to put it over black or red but I decided to go with a dark green, like a Christmas tree with sparkles on it. I put it over Catrice Hugo Moss and I really liked how it turned out, the green looks lighter in other lights so it’s really multi dimensional.


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    1. Thank you! The Snowflake polish was the one you gave me :)


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