Saturday, February 7, 2015

Bright Valentine’s Nail Look

I have several Valentine’s nail looks coming up on the blog, this being the first of them. I’m really excited about them actually! I did most my looks in January as I knew I’d be busy leading up to this time and I’ve wanted to share them since then.

As I said in my Recent Buys from Primark post, I am liking yellow at the moment. Which is surprising as I am not a fan of yellow normally! I picked up this nail polish in Boots for £1 after Christmas, I was delighted as I wanted it when it came out during the summer but never got around to getting it.

yellow with pink hearts

The yellow polish is No 7 Gel Shine in Lemon Drop, which was a limited edition for last summer. For the hearts I used Nails Inc in Draycott Terrace which I got as part of a mini set from Sarah for my birthday. I love this combo, I think the yellow makes it different from other Valentine’s looks and it’s a nice bright combo to bring us into spring.

I’ve done other looks for Valentine’s Day, so if you’re interested in seeing those click here.

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