Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Irish Authors Month TBR

In 2014 I read all Irish authors I hadn’t read before and really enjoyed it. I’ve decided to read Irish authors again this month, I’m going to try to stick to just Irish authors but I might read one or two that aren’t Irish. I have a list of books and authors I want to read, I won’t get to them all this month (or maybe even this year!) but there’s a few that I’m prioritising and looking forward to more than others. This is what this post is for! I know Beth from Plastic Rosaries is reading Irish this month too (she’s doing a different country every month and Ireland just happened to be in March!)

irish collage one

-The Secret Place by Tana French. I first came across Tana French when I read her first book In The Woods during the 2014 Irish month. And I fell in love! I’ve read all her books to date except this one, her latest which was published autumn 2014. I’ve managed to space out my reading of French’s book and saved it to read this month!

-Asking For It by Louise O Neill. I read her first book Only Ever Yours in August and I’ve had this book waiting to be read ever since. Truth be told I’ve been putting it off a bit, I know it’s going to be harrowing and upsetting and I just haven’t been in the mood for it. But I do want to read it and honestly is there ever a time to be in the mood for a book about rape? Not really. But essential reading.

-Miss Emily by Nuala O’Connor. I got this as an ARC at work last year and it’s been waiting for me to pick it up since. The book reimagines the life of Emily Dickinson told through the eyes of her Irish maid. I have read a few pages already and I liked it so we’ll see how it goes.

-Can Anybody Help Me? by Sinead Crowley. I’ve had this book ever since Sharon from Behind Green Eyes mentioned it. It’s a thriller about a new mother Yvonne who uses an online parenting forum. When one of her friends goes offline, Yvonne ignores her niggling feeling that something is wrong until a woman with similarties to her missing friend turns up dead. Sharon read it in one day which is a great endorsement!


irish collage two

-The Gathering by Anne Enright. I have this on audiobook from 2014, it was something I didn’t around to then and just kinda forgot about until recently. Winner of the Man Booker Prize 2007, it’s involves a family coming together for the wake and funeral of their brother and all the secrets a family try and hide from each other.

-The Lake by Sheena Lambert. I’ve had a copy of this ever since the author kindly sent me a copy. Set in 1970s Ireland, a body turns up in the manmade lake and when the detective sent to investigate arrives, tensions rise and family secrets will be revealed.

-Flawed by Cecelia Ahern. Confession: I have never read any Cecelia Ahern books. So when I saw her debut YA novel on NetGalley I requested it as it sounded interesting. Set in a dystopian world where obedience is key, one girl breaks a rule and is found to be flawed. After I read The Hunger Games series, I read a lot of dystopian YA series and I think I overdosed on them. However I do still like the genre (Only Ever Yours last year helped remind me of that) so I’m looking forward to reading this.

-Darkmouth: Chaos Descends by Shane Hegarty. I read book one last May and book two in October and I’m looking forward to this third book! Amazon lists this release to be April but the author said the book is out at the end of March so I’m hoping to get my hands on this by the end of the month!

There’s so many more picks too. I want to try a Donal Ryan novel and a Belinda McKeon novel. Having read Dark Lies the Island by Kevin Barry a few years ago, a collection of short stories, I’ve been eyeing up his novel Beatlebone. I’m waiting to see what the Rick O’Shea book of the month will be for March as well, if it’s an Irish author I’ll pick it up. I’d love to read one or two non-fiction books too (I do have About Face by Aisling McDermott and Laura Kennedy to read come to think about it!) so if you have any suggestions like me know in comments below


  1. Hope you're getting on well with the books, I really enjoyed The Lake and Can Anybody Help Me. Would you believe I still haven't read any Tana French at all despite having them all on the kindle for over a year....

    1. I'm doing well, I stuck to all Irish authors except this book I'm reading now, a biography that I have out from library. The main reasons I decided to read The Lake and Can Anybody Help Me is because you liked them! And you need to read some Tana French! They're all good, they don't need to be read in order (but I would read them that way as that's the way I am!).


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