Monday, February 29, 2016

Birthstone Series Amethyst Nails

So I’ve had an idea for ages now to do nail art based on birthstones. I would have had this first one up last week but I managed to delete the photos like a proper pro! Though it is still February thanks to this glorious Leap Day today, so I’m still on time with my post.

When I was younger I used to love looking at the birthstones in the Argos catalogue. I used to be so annoyed there wasn’t more opals! Anyway, amethysts always bring back nice memories for me. When I was 8 I spent a few weeks in London. My Dad was over helping my granddad and my aunt brought me to Natural History Museum. I fell in love with the gemstone sections, I finally got to see these gems in person rather than on the page! I remember seeing massive pieces of amethysts. I ended up buying some amethyst agate for my Dad as it’s his birthstone.

amethyst nails nail art Essence birthstones Nails Inc

Amethyst nails birthstone purple nailart

Amethyst always have lovely ombre colours so that’s what I went for the nails. I used Essence in Hello Marshmallow as my lightest base shadow, a beautiful lilac with purple iridescent flash through it. My next shade was nails inc in St Mark’s Square and the darkest shade was Essence in Purple Cherry. I think all these shades are discontinued but all you need is a light purple, a transition medium shade purple and a dark purple. I sponged on the ombre layers and added a glossy top coat. For the accent nail, I did the ombre circular, with the darkest shade in the centre. I added two glitters on top for dimension Color Club in Tru Passion and Essence Special Effect Topper in Only Purple Matters. I lined the outside of the nail with Revlon in Gold Coin to add to my geode effect.

I’m pretty happy with how this turned out (of course, the first time around I did the ombre it turned out better than this!). It reminds me of a dipped ombre t-shirt I loved when I was 10! Next up will be aquamarine, I have some ideas for all the months but nothing set in stone (ha!) so if there’s anything you’d like to see with this birthstone series let me know below in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook.


  1. Wow! So so pretty! You make applying nail polish like this sound so easy, but I'm sincerely doubting it is. Maybe if I print the picture of your nails and take it to my local nail salon they can achieve this look on my nails for me? :) Have you done your nails in any of the other birthstone colors? I'd love to see a ruby style for July! :)

    1. AH thank you so much! Trust me, I have many nail fails! A salon definitely might be able to reproduce this, probably would be better! I have yet to make any more in this series, I just didn't get a chance March or April.I have ideas for all the months though so hopefully I'll start up again!

  2. Can anyone tell me, of one guy's date of birth in 29th Feb. Which gemstone suits. Especially for girls


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