Sunday, February 14, 2016

Two Heart Polish Nail Toppers for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I know there’s a lot of mixed feelings about the day, I’m not a hater of it but it’s not a massive massive deal for me either. Usually because my boyfriend is working but seeing as it’s a weekend this year it’ll be nice to spend it with himself.

Last year I bought a polish with hearts in it to use for a look but it didn’t really work for me (I did use the polish this year though for my Squidgy Jelly nails). I had looked at loads of other brands online to find a polish with hearts but that poundshop one was the only one I could find. After Valentine’s Day I discovered the Nails Inc Alexa heart polish and almost bought it, but didn’t because a) it was expensive and b) Valentine’s was over. I was delighted that Maybelline Color Show brought out the limited edition All Access NY Top Coats in NY Lover. Back then I paired it with nude polish, today with a bright pink! Shortly after finding that polish, I then found the same polish but with opposite colours in Claire’s Accessories for only £1!


First up is the Maybelline polish



I didn’t think I’d like this polish over a bright pink but I LOVE it! I used Essence in Free Hugs for the base with the Maybelline All Access NY Top Coat in NY Lover.



For the base coat I used Essence That’s What I Mint!, which I think has been discontinued but there’s loads of colours like this, especially seeing as it’s spring. This Claire’s polish was a bit harder to manipulate but I still like it.

Which one do you prefer? I think I prefer the Maybelline one but it could be because I’ve used it more.


  1. Yeh I prefer the maybelline one too. It just seems to gel better with the nail.It looks great over that pink base!

    1. Ya, it does. I think it's because the hearts are smaller and not as thick. And I'm loving this pink at the mo! Not usually me but it's caught my eye


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