Friday, February 12, 2016

Scrabble Valentine’s Nails

I’m a big fan of Scrabble. I used to play a lot with my cousins, though mostly we’d play what they called ‘Go Scrabble’, which was essentially Bananagrams where you use your own tiles to make your own scrabble board. So when I saw these nails by One Nail to Rule Them All I decided to give it a shot of my own. Now the original used nail wraps to get the figures perfect but I freestyled mine.


I used OPI You’re So Vain-illa from the Coca Cola collection as the base. Usually when I write over polish I use a matte top as I find it easier to write but my matte is all dried up so I couldn’t. I used Barry M Nail Art Pen in Black to write my numbers and letters and on the thumb I used Maybellline Color Show in Vivid Rose from the Rebel Bouquet collection for the heart.

If you like this look, then you might enjoy the look I did last Valentine’s using the same OPI shade.

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