Friday, September 2, 2011

September Photography Challenge- Day 2

Day Two- What you wore today

I was lucky that I just about avoided having to wear a coat or jacket today. Unfortunately, with the weather being not so great I didn’t get to take a cool picture of me outside so this boring one of me inside will have to do.


Cardigan- Penneys (I just LOVE this shade!)

Top- Dunnes (I love nautical stuff)

Jean style jeggings- Dunnes

Necklace- From the amazing Deb at Ate By Ate Scrapbooking! Here’s a close up of it



Isn’t it just adorable?! And I can wear it the other way around if I want, all gold with ‘Hoot Hoot’ in the heart. It’s the cutest piece of jewellery I own.


  1. Aww, I'm so giddy you featured the necklace I gave you in your post! I love the colours you paired together. The raspberry with the navy blue and white striped top look great together and the necklace is such a perfect touch!

    I feel so dumb though because I actually completely forgot that I gave you that necklace! As I was reading, I thought, "what necklace?!" and then saw the owl and went "d'oh! THAT necklace!" I haven't swapped in so long that I've forgotten what I've sent out, oopsie.

  2. I love the necklace, it's so cute and it's unique, I've never seen anyone with one like it. I get loads of compliments! My boyfriend asked me where I got it from and I said it was one of the best Valentine's presents I've gotten ;)

    And thanks, I love love love raspberry shades! I should buy another cardigan in that colour and store it away! And there's a bow on the top that you can't really see, I think it's a nice touch. I love stripes too and the nautical look


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