Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Photography Challenge- Day 5

Day Five- Something from high angle

The weather is showing now signs of getting better, meaning I’m limited to photos from my house right now. And I’m getting cabin fever. There was nothing interesting to take a high angled shot of, so I ended up with this.


Me, with my hair looking darker than it is, with chopsticks gifted to me from my Aunt (same one from yesterday’s photo actually). Looking forward to tomorrow’s photo a lot more than today’s.


  1. Ooo, hair chopsticks!! :D I always envied friends who could stick chopsticks in their hair without using any bobby pins or elastics or anything and still keep their hair buns intact!

    There are some really pretty ones at the accessory store I frequent and used to work at but I never got around to getting any. Now that my hair is long again, I might give it a whirl :)

  2. Thanks Deb! My hair is actually tied up in an elastic in this photo! But I could hold it up with just the chop sticks if I wanted to. Sometimes I can twirl my hair and tuck the ends in and it stays up! You should get a pair, I think they'd look nice :)


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