Thursday, September 15, 2011

Two Birthday Cakes!

So I’ve been a busy bee recently when it comes to baking! I made a cake for my brother’s late 21st party (due to him gallivanting around the U S of A for the summer) and one for my other brother’s 18th birthday. And I have another one to make this week for yet another brother! (I have many brothers!).


Only had time to get a quick shot of this in the fridge and no time at all to get a picture of it sliced as it was devoured immediately!





I used the big cupcake mould as I did for the Pig Cake. For both cakes I used a chocolate Madeira recipe (similar to this one here, but double to amounts).

For the 21st cake, I made a dark chocolate ganache, similar to the one made for my Chocolate cook-along, used some silver sparkly gel icing pen for the writing and some silver balls.

For the 18th giant cupcake, I made a white chocolate butercream icing (like this one here), added a tiny bit of butterscotch sauce in between the layers as well and decorated with Toffee Crunch chocolate fingers, Smarties, Malteasers and Magic Stars. It was fun to decide what went on the cake!


  1. Oh my goodness, I am in love with the giant chocolate cake with all the colourful stars and chocolate fingers!! It looks like a cake house with the fingers as a fence, haha. It looks so delicious and it's so cute and colourful :D

  2. Thanks Deb! My brother's face dropped when he saw it, it was fun to make. I just need an excuse to make another one!!


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