Friday, November 11, 2011


Ah, what an interesting date! Looks so odd but at the same time looks so nice. So many people believe in the power of 1s. I know people who love it when they just happen to look at a clock and the is 11.11. Or their bill in the shop is 11.11. They make wishes when this number occurrence happens. I know 11.11.11 is probably a popular request for a wedding day and that so people will hope their baby is born this day.

I tried to research if anything interesting happened on 11.11.1111 (ah, the ultimate of 1 dates!), but nothing came up. However, 11th November is an interesting date of itself. Lots of interesting things have happened over the years.

- 1918 Official end of WWI, at 11am (11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month)

-1926 Route 66 in USA is established

- 1880 Bushranger Ned Kelly is hanged

- 1675 Gottfried Leibniz shows for the first time the area under a graph using integral calculus y = ƒ(x)

- 1992 Church of England vote to allow female priests

Leonardo DiCaprio, Stanley Tucci, Demi Moore and Calista Flockhart all share birthdays today. Today marks the death of Ned Kelly, Mary Mallon (a.k.a. Typhoid Mary) and Yasser Arafat. Today is also Remembrance Day (Poppy Day, Veterans Day, Armistice Day in other countries), a remembrance to the end of WWI and a mark of respect for those who fought and lost their life.

Do you have any special plans for today? Do you have any dates or numbers you think are luckier than others? If so, I’d love to hear!


(P.S. I got most these facts on Wikipedia, so please don’t be too hard on me if something isn’t entirely true!)

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