Friday, November 4, 2011

October Recap: Ballet


So for the second weekend in October, I got to do something I had never done before: Go to the ballet! The UL Concert Hall was showing The Moscow Ballet’s ‘The Nutcracker’ and I went along with my mother, aunt, 2 sisters and a cousin, one big girlie night out! We got seats right in front of the stage, which is great in that venue as the stage isn’t high up. It was a beautiful production, the strength and stamina these men and women have is amazing! And the costumes are just so pretty. I got to take a few pictures and one video of the last half of The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Although it was a little early in the year to be showing The Nutcracker (traditionally a Christmas show), I’d recommend going anytime. I love Tchaikovsky’s music and you’d be surprised how much you know (I think I knew most of it from Fantasia!). I’m really looking forward to getting the chance to go again to the ballet.





  1. Aww, I've always wanted to see The Nutcracker ballet! It's definitely one of those holiday things I want to do at least once in my lifetime. That's so awesome you got to go! :)

  2. Thanks Deb! You should definitely go if you get the chance, it's a great experience! :)


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