Monday, July 2, 2012

New Year’s Resolutions Update!

Sorry I’ve been absent for a while. Despite having loads of ideas in my head I have a bad case of writers block! So I thought I’d try a post like this to try get the flow going again!

My last New Year’s Resolutions update was at the end of March so I’m due my ‘half way there’ post.

1. Be more healthy and exercise more

I wish I could say this has happened but not really! Well, since doing the Vegetarian for a Month challenge I’ve been eating more vegetables (still not huge fruit fan, despite having a major sweet tooth).

2. Get a job

Not yet but still trying!

3. Cook 12 new savoury/dinner

I’ve made 8 so far (as well as making old recipes as slow cooker versions).

4. Make 12 new sweet dishes

11! One more and I’m finished. All have worked out except one, my Coca Cola cake.

5. Finish reading all the books I’ve started (There’s about 20-30 of them).

Overall I’ve read 22 books, though four of those are cookbooks which I don’t tend to count so 18 books so far. Out of the 18,only 4 are books that had to be finished from 2011 or 2010. I’m so bad at that, I hear and want to read of so many awesome books so I tend to finish them before the books I’m reading. Here's my Goodbooks list for 2012 so far.

6. Watch 50 films I’ve never seen (while completing the A-Z list I started last year)

23 so far, so almost half way there. Which is good, as I find I slack the most with the film list. I haven’t finished the A-Z yet but that’s because I’m trying to knock off some of the IMDb Top 250 for my 25 Before 25.

7. Learn a new skill (as of yet I have not decided).

Still haven’t decided! Well, I’m leaning towards crochet, I’m just hoping to find someone who can show me it in person as I get super confused with videos and books!

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