Monday, July 23, 2012

YouTube Pick of The Week

I decided to share some of my favourite YouTube videos at the moment, things that have tickled my fancy during the week!

First up is a video from Irish beauty blog What Katie Did. Katie shows us an easy way to get the Imelda May quiff, something I’ll definitely be trying out in the future!

TV3 show psychic readers from midnight and while I’d heard about them and saw some things on Twitter, I hadn’t heard of Flathan. Until I read this blog post from Flathan is a TREAT! Definitely worth watching some of his videos for his outfits alone.

Film of the week has got to be The Dark Knight Rises. This video I found when a friend posted it on Facebook, a cross between modern day Batman and 60s Robin. Brilliant!

Another hot topic these days is 50 Shades of Grey. You can’t look anywhere without seeing something about it! This video has some of the naughty bits included (and the writing is so bad that it’s hysterical). Word of warning though, potentially NSFW.

Recreating a Beyonce video is great but want to make it more interesting? Add a snuggie! This guy gets the video so so close to the original, you can watch a split screen of the two here.

And to round it off it’s a video of Micky Flanagan which came up in conversation when visiting my cousins in London.


  1. Thanks for these, will check them out! Flathan was hilarious at the start but he really grates on me now, I still can't believe I actually sat for two hours and watched him write people's names on an enormous candle!

  2. I haven't watched Flathan properly, only seen clips. I can imagine his diva-ish behaviour would grate on you after a while!


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