Monday, August 6, 2012

25 Before 25: Visit the Aran Islands

Another 25 Before 25 post! I’m enjoying seeing things crossed off the list. But I should really get a move on and complete some more!

The trip to the Aran Islands was the day after surfing and boy did we pick a good day to go! It was so sunny and warm, just lovely! We chose to go to Inis Mór mainly because, if I’m honest, I wanted to go to the Supermacs there! Come on, who doesn’t want to go to Supermacs on the Aran Islands!

We left from Doolin on the Doolin2Aran Ferries. First we passed Inis Oírr and got to see the shipwreck from the opening credits of Father Ted!


When we arrived on Inis Mór, we decided to rent some bikes. Unfortunately this dinosaur helmet did not fit me!


We cycled around the island until I got too tired and whined that I didn’t want to cycle up any more hills! So we went to the seal beach but unfortunately there was no seals around then. Boo!


And I was thoroughly amused at the Bank Of Ireland they have there.


And finally we got to go to Supermacs! YAY!


And had a drink in the American Bar.


Horsey outside the bar.


And of course, me being the amadáin that I am, I forgot to put on sun cream and got scalded. For shame really, as I’m ALWAYS hassling people to put on sun cream. I usually always put it in but in my sleepiness that morning (and the fact that it was cloudy when we left the house), it completely slipped my mind. Needless to say I will not let that happen again!


  1. awww it looks so lovely, I really want to go!!!

    1. You should if you get the chance! It was lovely!

  2. It looks brilliant, my Mum went a few years ago and I always wanted to go. Next time maybe! You're flying through the list :)

    1. Yes,if you get a chance it's a lovely trip! Can't believe it took me this long to go though! And yes, I'm working my way through that list slowly but surely!


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